At 'Fine Dine ISTANBUL’, the ‘a la carte’ restaurant of the hotel, a very special menu is served, which can be called “Istanbul Cuisine influenced by the Dynasty” created by Başak Sanaç Tanrıverdi. It is reflecting the historical mosaic and cultural versatility of the city, kept since the Ottoman Empire.

The hotels warmly balanced grey-beige shade and pure lines, welcoming the guests while entering the hotel, are continued also in this restaurant, accompanied by delicate turquoise touches. The fine, handmade turquoise glasses, together with the elegant accessories are in a way, the restaurants trademarks.

The hotel's prevailing view of Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea, fascinating its guests, reaches the peak of impressiveness at the restaurant level, through its incredible wide angle.

In the restaurant, surrounded with floor-high glasses on three facades, there is a single wall. Thanks to its mirror decoration, the guests can’t escape to consume the view, even if they believe to have found a point without one.

Apart from the a la carte service of the seasonally updated menu, the restaurant having a capacity of 150 people, is hosting special organizations, dinner parties, cocktails and wedding parties of corporate and individual groups.
It is necessary to have a reservation at Fine Dine ISTANBUL.

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